Farm Gate Sales in BC

Farm Gate Sales – Farmers Market – Shop local !

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Food Documentaries to watch

Here are some food documentaries that will change your life for the good !   with the famous Food Inc

Yes, there are some scary ones to see, and some repeats


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Food news

Heard about Glued meat ? Well, here are the facts:

See this info

Meat from the local butcher is always the best !


Pest sprays put world food supplies at risk – scientists

Farmers used helicopter to insecticide and fertilize wheat crops in Henan province, China.

Regulations have failed to prevent poisoning of almost all habitats, team of scientists concludes  – The Guardian, UK
Deep Sea Fishing The Guardian UK

Fuel subsidies ‘drive fishing industry’s plunder of the high seas’

Spain, France, UK, US and Japan among countries giving generous fuel subsidies enabling industrial fishing far offshore,says Global Ocean Commission  read it all here

Pollack Catch on Factory Trawler